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Introducing Home Chef

Have you ever eaten something spectacular at a restaurant, something you couldn’t fault and thought, 'how can I make this at home?' The answer is simple - with Home Chef.
Home Chef, by Nisbets provides the keen cook at home with an essential range of products, prized by professional chefs. Not only have these products been put through their paces in professional kitchens, some have been accredited with the Craft Guild of Chefs seal of approval.

Home Chef inherits over 30 years’ experience from Nisbets spanning across every crevice of the catering industry. Whether you love baking or creating innovative dishes, you need to tap into this wealth of knowledge to take your cooking to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just discovered your inner chef or you’re honing your culinary skills to perfection - you need professional equipment to ensure professional results. And that’s where Home Chef comes in. Home Chef keeps you ahead of the curve with the latest technology that creates Michelin-starred quality dishes at the press of a button, but also has you covered with all the kitchen essentials you need in your cupboards. Professional products are quicker, sturdier and most importantly ensure top-class precision which will reflect in the quality of your cooking.

It’s no good buying a top of the range gadget without understanding how to use it properly, so take advantage of our expert knowledge and use our "be inspired" page and buying guides to get to know the products inside and out. With the right product for the right cooking technique you can create a meal from scratch for your family, throw a dinner party for friends or whip-up a quick meal after work with equipment you know you can rely on.

Home Chef Promises...

To provide you with the same great choice and quality of products that are used and loved by professional chefs and commercial kitchens across the globe, whilst guaranteeing value for money and excellent customer service.

What You’ll Find on Home Chef

On top of the thousands of professional products Home Chef has to offer you’ll find on-trend seasonal recipes, blogs and mini shops that inspire you to new heights.

Blogs - For the best kept secrets of the professional culinary world to the latest food trends, keep up to date with our blogs that divulge expert inside knowledge.

Recipes – These step-by-step guides take the hassle out of planning meals but let you flex your culinary skills. We make it easy by highlighting the equipment you’ll need and the time it’ll take you to recreate the masterpiece. Become a mixologist at your next cocktail party and explore new and exciting recipes for you to serve to your harshest critics - your family and friends.

Buying Guides – Investing in the right equipment is essential and sometimes you need a helping hand in making the right decision. Whether it’s finding the most comfortable knife to hold to sussing what pan suits your cooking style, our buying guides help you make an expert choice.

This is just a taste of what Home Chef has to offer. Take a look now to see what you can bring to the table.

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