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9 Gourmet Burgers You Need to Try on National Burger Day

National Burger Day is on the 27th August this year. For the fourth year running, you can get your hands on your favourite burger for 20% less on the 25th August. Over 800 restaurants nationwide take part, so make sure you take advantage of this exclusive discount.

It’s no good telling you about National Burger Day if you can’t see what delights there are to chomp into. And I’ve had the task of scrolling through hundreds of Instagram photos, all for you – ahem, and for foodspiration for me, to drum up some excitement for the big day. From the firm favourite cheeseburger dripping with golden cheddar to the charcoal burger craze that’s just plain weird.

Click here to find your closest participating National Burger Day restaurant.

1. Bacon & Cheese Burger

2. Veggie Burger

3. Chicken Burger

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4. Stacked Burger

5. Charcoal Burger

6. Blue Cheese Burger

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7. Halloumi Burger

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8. Mini Slide Burgers

9. Sushi Burger

This isn’t your average burger. Sushi burgers are normally made with a sticky rice bun filled what whatever you fancy in the middle. Sound like something you want to try? Learn How to Make the Ultimate Sushi Burger here.

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