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9 Gruesome Treats to Get You in the Mood For Halloween

Forget tricks. This Halloween is all about the treats. If you’re an avid baker with a creative flare, now is the time to show off those skills. We've scoured Instagram for some of the most gruesome treats to inspire you this Halloween. But, be warned. Some are pretty spooky...

1. Yummy Mummy

2. A Slice of Brain?

3. Little Monsters

4. Jack Skellington

A photo posted by Lorna (@lornas_creative_cakes) on

5. Creepy Crawlies

6. Fancy a bite?

A photo posted by WestsKitchen (@westskitchen) on

7. Creepy Cupcakes

8. Pumpkin Patch

9. Gory Goodies

Photo credit: owlpacino via / CC BY-ND

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