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Szechuan Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Ben Spalding is all about flavour. And this really shows with his pepper-infused white chocolate fudge recipe put together with the Buffalo Induction Cooker. You wouldn’t think the rich and creamy flavour of the white chocolate works with the Szechuan spice. But take it from us, it does.

I first came across Szechuan pepper about 4 years ago. I ate a teaspoon of powdered Szechuan pepper. Anyone who has eaten powdered Szechuan pepper knows that is one of the most unpleasant experiences your palate could go through. Anyway I decided to add some into white chocolate fudge I was making at the time and was blown away by how well it worked with chocolate. - Ben Spalding.

250g Freshest Double Cream 250g Caster Sugar or Golden Caster Sugar
300g Clear Runny Honey 500g Best Quality Milk or White Chocolate
1g Powdered Szechuan Pepper 1g Fleur De Sel or Maldon Sea Salt


  1. Line a 1cm deep small rectangle tray with cling film.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a large mixing bowl over very hot water, stirring well until smooth then stir in the powdered Szechuan pepper and salt.
  3. Boil the cream, sugar and honey until the temperature reaches 115c using a sugar thermometer, when it does remove the pan from the heat and pour onto the melted chocolate - whisking well and working the bowl with a Maurice to incorporate everything.
  4. Pour into the cling filmed lined shallow tray.
  5. Set in fridge for 12 hours before cutting the fudge into your desired shape

Ben's Top Tip for Using Induction

Get your Buffalo Induction Cooker and try cooking an ingredient in a frying pan in foaming butter by taking advantage of the controlled heat. I often cook all types of vegetables and fruit like this such as a large cauliflower floret or a peeled medium sized fern carrot by lightly coloring it first in sunflower oil on heat 1400 then adding a block of salted butter cut into 8 pieces and increasing the heat to 2400 and move the pan in a circular motion, then once the butter starts to foam, lower the heat to 1200 and move the pan in a circular motion to keep the butter foaming and cook like this until the vegetable is golden and well cooked.

Want to know more about Ben? Check out his website here to find out what's behind his creative ideas.

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