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How to Pull Off the Perfect New Year’s Party

Been brave enough to host this New Year’s bash? No need to panic. We’re here to help you get it right and make sure, with everything under control, you can relax and enjoy the party. And when the clock strikes midnight, there's no need to be worrying about whether you’ve sliced enough lemons to last the rest of the night - just celebrate the beginning of a new year. Here are our tips to help get the party started...

1. Make Your Drinks Special

It’s time to show off your skills if you’ve been practising a bit of mixology – and if you haven’t, why not give it a go? From the simple classics to more experimental cocktails, you can add a bit of class to the party and guests feel like you’ve gone the extra mile. Our Copper Cocktail Making Set is stylish and is bound to be the envy of your party guests, and has everything you need to shake, stir and pour the perfect cocktail. Check out our 5 Tips to Make the Perfect Cocktail.

If there’s ever an occasion to get the fancy glassware out, it’s New Year’s Eve. Wanting to give a sophisticated impression? Well having the right glasses for the drinks you are serving is a must. If you’re serving whisky or a classic Old Fashioned, these Artis Hobstar glasses have the appearance of crystal and fit with a wintry theme. Prosecco is a must-have for any shindig these days, so get yourself some elegant glasses that enhance the flavour and aroma, and keep those bubbles circulating.

This year gin has been the trendy tipple, and the Juniper Gin Cocktail Glass is the popular way to serve it. With these large balloon glasses you can really add some flavour to your gin, with plenty of ice, fruit and garnishes. Delicious combinations include adding tarragon and grapefruit, and rosemary and lemon for an aromatic, sophisticated gin experience.

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2. Present Your Food Well

Add a bit of glamour to your food presentation. After all, it is New Year's Eve.

Serving nibbles or a buffet spread? It's good to have platters and boards as you can easy fill these with plenty of food and clear them quickly. The Olympia Kiln platters are inspired by nature and come in earthy colours with a handcrafted look. Perfect for accentuating homemade dishes. And for blending in with the Christmas decor of pine, holly and berries, these wooden presentation boards are ideal.

Slates are still a popular trend in many restaurants, and this large natural slate tray is a great way of serving canapes, and adds a stylish touch to your table. Another quirky way to serve canapes that will grab the attention of guests is with these boat canape spoons. The perfect size for one delicious bite.

3. Set Up Your Stations 

Imagine you’re arriving at the party now. What would you need? Take yourself on a little step by step walk-through. When you come in is there somewhere to hang your coat and leave your shoes? Then on to grab yourself a drink. Is there ice and fruit prepared? You can set up a drinks station with an ice bucket and scoop, a selection of limes and lemons, and your spirits, mixers and glasses. 

Don't lay all of your supplies out at once, keep ice and fruit in the freezer or fridge so you’ve got enough to replenish the stocks later. If you run out of space, keep in a cool box in the garden – it’s bound to be freezing out there.

When it comes to the party food, make sure you remember to put out enough plates and cutlery for everyone, and don’t forget the napkins. Also, consider what condiments people might like with their food. And is there somewhere to put the dirty dishes when they are finished? Having bins around will encourage guests to keep things tidy, and save you some time cleaning the morning after, when you'll probably be feeling a bit ropey.

You should always prep food and drinks before your guests arrive so you can be hosting, not stuck in the kitchen frantically trying to get everything done. You're guests have come to see you, and if we've all learnt anything from Come Dine With Me, it's that you lose points for spending all night in the kitchen.

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4. Set your Budget

It’s easy to overspend during the festive period. Once you’ve bought all your presents, done the Christmas parties and fought your way through the Boxing Day sales it’s likely your bank balance is a little worse for wear.

Setting yourself a clear budget for your New Year’s party is a necessity. Work out how much food and alcohol you need if everyone you’ve invited was to turn up and tally up the cost. Are you going to add a little New Years sparkle to the house? How much do you need to put aside for decorations? And don’t forget about the entertainment. If you’re planning a celebratory firework display, they don’t come for free.

5. Don't Be Beaten by the Hangover

We all know the worst thing about a party is the morning after. Battling a banging headache and churning stomach. But it doesn't have to be. Tackle those post-party symptoms with our 3 Best Hangover Cures, and you'll have yourself, and your house, back in tip-top shape in no time.

Got any other great party tips to share? Let us know on Facebook. And if you need some extra inspiration for party food, check out our top tips on putting together the Perfect Cheeseboard.

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