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The 3 Best Hangover Cures

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a few too many drinks over the bank holiday weekend and the next day is already off to a bad start. Your head’s pounding. You’ve got a dodgy stomach. And maybe the shakes to top it off. You need a cure fast. There are so many foods that can help with a hangover for one reason or another. But we don’t want to bore you with a long list. So we’ve cut it down to three effective treatments. They say prevention is better than cure. But are you really thinking about tomorrow while you’re sipping (or gulping) your cold glass of wine?

What Causes a Hangover?

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it loves H2O. It flushes the water from your body and makes you dehydrated, giving you an unquenchable thirst and a pounding headache. Alcohol raises the production of stomach acids and slows down the rate the stomach empties itself which makes you feel sick.

Your blood sugar levels take a hit too. Your body treats alcohol as a toxin and does everything it can to expel it. More alcohol equals more insulin, which lowers your blood sugar levels. That means the production of glucose and other hormones needed to regulate your sugar levels are interrupted. And this makes you feel tired and light headed. So how do you stifle these symptoms?

Coconut Water

Water is normally your first port of call. Coconut water is full of electrolytes and vitamins that help repair what alcohol takes away from your body. You don’t want to bombard your delicate stomach. So take time to sip it and you’ll soon ease that queasy stomach.

This works wonders in a smoothie. Blend coconut water with one banana and half a cup of blueberries and you have the elixir of life. The combination of coconut water and banana boosts your potassium levels. Say goodbye to weak, shaky muscles and high blood pressure.

Granted you may not be in the most productive state to make a smoothie from scratch. So prepare it beforehand. Put all the ingredients into a sandwich bag. Leave it in the freezer overnight and hey presto you have a hangover cure before you in seconds.

Need a hand making a smoothie? Take a look at our super healthy smoothie infographic to see what else you can cram into your recovery drink.

Boiled Egg & Soldiers

Not everyone has the energy to cook a full English the next morning. Which is probably for the best as a greasy breakfast can do more harm than good. By the time the sun rises (depending what time you make it through the door), the alcohol and alcohol by-products are well and truly in your blood stream. Meaning there’s no alcohol left in your stomach to soak up a full English, leaving the grease to irritate your stomach even more.

So boiling an egg for a few minutes is the next best thing. Eggs contain two amino acids – taurine and cysteine. Cysteine directly counteracts an unwanted toxin that causes headaches and chills while taurine helps to reverse liver damage. Professor John Timbrell studied how taurine protects the body: "It plays a role in digestion and the nervous is possible that adding taurine to alcohol during drinking could help to minimise liver damage and ward off a hangover".

Boiled egg and wholewheat toast contains a great combination of protein and carbohydrates which helps your recovery. The whole grains in the toast contain magnesium which alcohol can deplete. The carbs also bring your blood sugar levels back up too. 


This may be the last thing on your mind but exercise actually increases blood flow. This kick starts your metabolism and hurries the toxins from your bloodstream.

We’re not saying grab your running shoes and go on a five mile run. Vigorous exercise will only make you even more dehydrated. An hour long walk in the fresh air is what you need. Just remember to take your coconut water with you.

Or if you don’t want to venture into the great outdoors, roll out a yoga mat or stay in bed and do some gentle exercises. Deep breathing, stretching and twists help detox your body. And certain exercises, like child’s pose, gently compress your abdomen to stimulate your body’s main methods for removing metabolic waste products.

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Did these hangover cures work for you? Or have you got a cure of your own you'd like to share? Let us know on our Home Chef Facebook page so we can spread the word. 

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