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9 Delicious Pancakes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

There’s so many ways to eat your pancakes. You could play it safe with the classic lemon and sugar. Or maybe you want to experiment with bold colours and exciting flavours. It’s all down to you. There’s nearly 6 million pancake images on Instagram and I whittled the list down to the most delicious and tantalising pancakes you have to try this Pancake Day (February 28th).

1. Blueberry & Banana Pancakes

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2. Protein Pancakes

3. Summer Fruit Pancakes

4. Strawberry & Banana Pancakes

5. Chocolate Pancakes

6. Cream Cheese & Spring Onion Pancakes

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7.Tea & Mint Pancakes

8. Maple Syrup Pancakes

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9. Pink Pancakes

By Briony Cook

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