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Ben Spalding's Aphrodisiac Salad Recipe

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And with that comes the panic-buying of flowers, chocolates and perfume. But this year it’s time to try something new. Something more thoughtful. The next recipe in our series from Ben Spalding marks this special occasion and gets your senses tingling with seven aphrodisiac foods in one sensuous salad.

Possibly the ultimate lovers dish?! Featuring no less than seven aphrodisiac ingredients.” - Ben Spalding.

Oyster, Avocado, Watermelon, Cucumber, Bacon, Chilli & Chocolate Salad

Serves 2 People

Salad Ingredients
8 top quality and very fresh oysters 1 ripe Haas avocado
1/2 lemon – juice only and strained 1 tomato
Sunflower oil Sea salt
Black pepper mill 1/2 small ripe full flavoured watermelon (Gala melon will be a fine substitute)
1 cucumber 1/2 small tub of Philadelphia cream cheese
200g smoked bacon 50g melted milk chocolate
1 red chilli 15g clear runny honey
1 baby gem lettuce (peeled & washed) 50g of dark & milk chocolate
Parsley Mint


  1. Break the chocolate up and add to a bowl then melt over simmering water. Set aside.
  2. Dice the bacon and fry until golden brown. Set aside. 
  3. Fill a bowl with ice and put another bowl on top. Place a sieve on top of the empty bowl and shuck the oysters, removing as much shell as possible before pouring the oyster and its juice into the sieve. Repeat with the remaining oysters.
  4. Trim the skirt from the oysters so you have the plump oyster meat remaining. Strain the oyster juice through a fine chinois twice to remove any grit or shell.
  5. Add the oysters to the juice and ‘wash’ them in the juice for 30 seconds. Carefully remove the oyster meat, put into a clean container and refrigerate immediately.
  6. Half the chillies lengthways, remove the seeds and cut them into tiny dice (brunoised). 
  7. Slice the watermelon into thick discs (1 per person). You won’t need the entire melon.
  8. Remove as many of the black seeds as possible. Take a slice of the watermelon then cut into 2cm strips, cut two strips into squares then the rest into triangles or whatever shape you feel like on the day.
  9. Set aside the watermelon slices until you assemble the salad.
  10. Slice the tomato into discs and coat in honey and water. 
  11. Add 50ml water and 100ml lemon juice to a bowl.
  12. Split the avocados and discard the stone and skin. Slice the avocado into quarters and coat it in the lemon water to stop discolouring.
  13. Peel the cucumber then cut in half and slice into long sheets on a mandolin.
  14. Add a smear of cream cheese onto the bottom of the plate and arrange your prepared ingredients in the centre of the plate.

Learn how to use a mandoline slicer with our easy how-to guide.

Equipment from
Speed Peeler Mandoline
Colander Cranked Spatula
Sieve Oyster Knife
Tea Strainer Mixing Bowl
Scales Saucepan

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