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A Classic Pimms Cocktail Recipe

Most of us know what goes into a Pimms cocktail – well, there’s only two ingredients so how can you forget? But getting the measurements right is the difference between a cocktail that entices you to have more or a cocktail that knocks your socks off. Our Pimms cocktail recipe is for 8 servings using the Olympia Drinks Dispenser and Olympia Handled Mason Jars. But don’t let us stop you from making a second batch. Or third…
1 Litre Bottle of Pimms Strawberries, Sliced
2.6 Litres of Lemonade Cucumber, Sliced
Mint Sprigs Orange, Sliced


  • Pour the lemonade and Pimms into your Olympia Drinks Dispenser and use a Long Bar Spoon to stir.
  • Add some ice to keep the cocktail cool.
  • Slice the cucumber, strawberries and orange and add to the Pimms. Don't use all the fruit as you'll want to use them for each serving. 
  • Fill your glass with ice, fruit and a sprig of mint before you pour your Pimms cocktail. 
Tip: Can't get your hands on the fruit mentioned above? You can always use grapes, apples or raspberries. The choice is yours.

Fancy something a little different to your classic Pimms?

These cocktails use the same measurements as the classic Pimms recipe. Just swap the lemonade with a different mixer.

Juicy Pimms
Mixed with half cranberry, half orange juice. Garnish with some fresh cranberries and mint.
Ginger Pimms
Made with ginger ale.
Olympia Drinks Dispenser
Olympia Handled Mason Jars
Elia Ice Bucket
By Briony Cook
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