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What’s ‘Avocado Hand’ & How Can You Avoid it?

I'm surprised if you haven't jumped on the avocado bandwagon yet. Last year, sales of the green fruit were up by 39% and had overtaken the popularity of oranges. So how can this lovable fruit be so dangerous? Well, its increase in popularity has meant a rise in accidental injuries dubbed the ‘avocado hand’.

What's 'Avocado Hand'?

Healthcare professionals coined the term ‘avocado hand’. They’ve recorded an increase in the number of those accidentally cutting their hands when prepping the fruit.

This isn’t any normal cut though. This isn’t something you can stick a plaster on. This is more of a painful slice that involves a throbbing hand and a few stitches.

What's the Problem Here?

People just aren’t cutting the fruit safely. Cupping an avocado in your hand while trying to pierce the hard skin with an incredibly sharp knife is an ‘avocado hand’ waiting to happen. But there is a safe technique you can use – it’s quick and tear-free.

How to Cut an Avocado

  • Remove the small bit of stem from the avocado.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to stabilise the avocado on your worktop.
  • Use a sharp knife and slice the top of the avocado, down to the pip.
  • With the knife still in the flesh of the avocado, hold the knife parallel to your worktop and use your other hand to twist the avocado 360°.
  • Now the avocado's sliced in two it'll be easy to use your hands to twist the two halves apart.
Watch Jamie Oliver’s 1 minute tip video below to see the correct technique:

Don't let this put you off eating avocados. They're jam-packed with 20 different vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, C, B5, B6 E. The list goes on...

Need some help getting to know your knives? Take a look at our Knives Infographic to see which knife will help you slice an avocado safely.

By Briony Cook
Consumer Marketing Executive at Home Chef.
It's no secret Briony's passionate about food. She's always talking about it. And if she's not talking it's because she's eating. Briony knows a thing or two about baking and her colleagues love it when she brings in her latest creation.

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